RAK Air Wedge Pump - Inflatable Shim, Alignment and Leveling, Pry Bar Tool

RAK Pro Tools

  • PROFESSIONAL-GRADE inflatable air wedge is the best fully adjustable reusable shim and slimmest yet gentle pry bar on the market
  • 280 LB HIGH LOAD RATING, ROUNDED CORNERS AND INTERNAL STIFFENER gets into tight 3/32" gaps and can expand to 2.5" without folding under pressure
  • DURABLE NO-SCUFF RUBBER won't leave marks
  • SINGLE PERSON ONE HAND OPERATION using simple squeeze pump and precise bleeder valve lets you raise and lower to perfect alignments
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! If for any reason you are not satisfied, you have a full year to return the item, no questions asked

The RAK Air Wedge Inflatable Shim and Alignment and Leveling Tool was designed for professionals but can be used by anyone. The Air Wedge allows any one person to align, level, adjust, and position items without the assistance of another person, saving time and reducing costs.

This tool is perfect for both professionals and DIY persons for aligning and leveling furniture, windows, doors, kitchen cabinets, and small household appliances.

It is also the world's slimmest pry bar that wont damage surfaces, great for popping molding and baseboards or creating space to insert your long reach tool when your locked out of the car.


The RAK Wedge's 280lb high load lifting capacity is perfect for any job, big or small. You can accomplish larger jobs by adding additional RAK Wedges to increase capacity.


The RAK Wedge can span gaps from 3/32" to 2.5" with infinite adjusting possibilities and deflates at the touch of a button. The rounded corners and internal stiffener allows the RAK Wedge to be inserted (crammed) into extremely tight spaces (3/32") without bending and won't fold under pressure.


Unlike wooden shims and pry bars, the RAK Wedge is made up of durable no-scuff rubber that poses no risk of damage to its surrounding surfaces.


The RAK Wedge uses a simple but powerful hand pump and precise push button bleeder valve to inflate and deflate to exact sizes.

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